Chicken Parmesan

May 11, 2021





  1. The Wieds says:

    There is no doubt we are related. I saw this in my cookbook this week too, but never got around to making it. Guess you can just bring me your leftovers! 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    Love, love, LOVE chicken Parmesan! GREAT idea and I love that you double coated the chicken! Can I come over?…

  3. Kimby says:

    Guess what you’ll be making for dinner the week after the wedding? 🙂

  4. Fresh Garden says:

    Wow! Delightful and yummy!

  5. I love chicken parmesan!!! Your version looks really good!

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  9. mcdvoice says:

    This is the best chicken parmesan recipe I’ve ever seen. It’s so crunchy, cheesy, and flavorful. Your friend knows how to make a mouthwatering dish. I appreciate the tips and suggestions that you gave. I’m going to make this for dinner tonight.

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  12. Tala says:

    This is a delicious chicken parmesan! The crispy coating perfectly complements the tender chicken, and the rich marinara sauce adds a burst of flavor. Paired with a side of garlic bread, it’s a meal that satisfies both the palate and the soul.

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