Two Cheese Crab Manicotti

August 22, 2011





  1. purabi naha says:

    this looks super yummy! Loved this. The recipe sounds great!

  2. Elies_Lie says:

    Ah… Congratz for ur wedding & may both of u have a happily life 😉

    I do love Italian foos especially the pasta thing 🙂
    Tq for sharing the recipe & the tips – to cover the pasta with more tomato sauce!

    Lovely pasta for ur lovely one! perfect! 😉

  3. Oh, I love manicotti and yours look delish 🙂 I never thought to use panko crumbs but it sounds like they would work really well. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations!

  4. I make homemade manicotti often and it’s one me and my hubby’s special meals also because it takes so long for me to make the shells! I like that you added crab meat to these!

  5. Claire says:

    Beautiful! Sounds like a great recipe

  6. Steph says:

    Crab!!! You are a genius! All you need is a good home cooked meal to escape from life’s craziness

  7. RavieNomNoms says:

    Oh! I have never had crab manicotti! I have nooooo idea why though, it sounds fantastic and I just love crab!

  8. Ann says:

    These look delicious and I bet the crab is amazing. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to crab…but it would be amazing without it! BRAVO

  9. Erin says:

    My husband would love these! I am not much of a cheese or seafood lover. But these would be great to make for him!

  10. Oh I love the addition of crab to this! Wow you had a super busy month… Hope things slow down for you so you can enjoy married life!

  11. Meagan! These look fabulous! I love crab…though I don’t like picking crabs! But love sweet pieces of crabmeat in anything….so I’m anxious to try this wonderful manicotti!

  12. Oooo, this sounds so good Meagan! My husband wouldn’t like it because of the crab but that just means more for me. This is a very very good thing 😀

  13. Peggy says:

    This looks delicious! Congrats on getting married and keeping busy!

  14. Kimby says:

    Sounds like Shaun is one lucky hubby! 🙂 I’ll have to treat mine to this, too — he loves seafood. Sounds wonderful!

  15. Hezzi-D says:

    My hubby is going to love this! He’s from Baltimore and anytime I can add crab to a dish it’s perfect for him!

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