Deep dish dessert pizza

October 29, 2014





  1. Call me done! I can’t wait to purposely hold onto my niece and nephews candy so I can make this pizza!!

  2. Nutmeg+Nanny says:

    Whoa! This is one pizza I will want to eat all year long : ) No more candy going to waste around here!

  3. Woah!!! Now that’s a pie I want to dig into! Such a perfect way to use up that stash of candy we will all have on Friday night!!! And with Brownie Brittle crust…holy yum!

  4. O.M.G. This is a kid’s dream pizza. What am I saying? This is MY dream pizza!

  5. I would be tempted to buy candy with the sole purpose of making this pizza 🙂

  6. Julia says:

    Oh MY! This looks dangerous but SO worth it. 🙂

  7. You know I am all over this!! So creative, my friend:)

  8. PERFECT post-Halloween dessert, so fun!!

  9. Love all the chocolate! Perfect use for leftover candy!

  10. What a fun way to use leftover candy! And so pretty 🙂

  11. I’ve been drooling over this since I saw it on Instagram this morning. Mmmmm-MMM!

  12. Sues says:

    This is the prettiest pizza everrr. Without a doubt!!

  13. Still trying to figure out a way to transport a slice of this to my plate! I am drooling over this!

  14. Wowowow AWESOME! I have a major sweet tooth sugar high staring at all this goodness!

  15. With three layers of chocolate this is a chocolate lover’s dream!

  16. genius use for brownie brittle! and leftover candy! I love that fudgyyy filling and how trashed up deliciouuus this is!

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