Creamy Jalapeno Salsa (Freebirds)

November 14, 2016





  1. Anon says:

    I was a manager at freebirds. Lol this is legit the recipe. Lol

  2. Stephanie Blankenship says:

    I have a few coworkers who love the spice! I make this and leave it in our office fridge…great taste and right amount of kick. Great recipe

  3. Jadelyn says:

    how do you measure the whole jalapenos to 8 oz? did you weigh fresh jalapenos?

    • Trey Van Zant says:

      You will need to put the jalapeños in the 2 cups of water. As the water rises after each pepper you add, watch the water level until it reaches 8oz more water than you had. I recommend using a quart measurement container to start with or just something bigger than a pint.

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