Stuffed Pizza Popovers

August 5, 2015





  1. Sues says:

    Something tells me I would eat WAY too many of these!! Also, I’m pretty sure this summer went by faster than any other summer!!

  2. danielle says:

    these sound fantastic – I could gobble them up while I mourn summer endin!

  3. I’ve never made popovers, and I even got a popover pan in May for my birthday and still have not used it. Of course now you come along with ac cupcake pan version and I feel silly for owning a popover pan now haha. But I love this savory version! I may finally make a popover 😉

  4. How fun! These are such an awesome snack- probably addicting 🙂

  5. Chef Smell says:

    you failed to say what kind of biscuits to use!!!!!!

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