Homemade Gravy with Bacon Grease

April 11, 2017





  1. Steve says:

    Made this a few minutes ago, and love it! Simple ingredients and easy to make and delicious

  2. Antanio says:

    Can this be madewith 1% milk? Lol looked this up on the spot and unfortunately I do not have whole milk on hand. Let me know please would love to try this! thank you.

  3. Stop giving instructions says:

    Worst recipe ever. What does “Add bacon grease a skillet over” even mean first off? Clumps start to form immediately at the first stroke of the stir so are you tellijg me to stop storring the second I see a clump? 3 cups of milk is in the ingredienta liat but you only say to pour in two. You say “repeat until gravy is thick and creamy” but if you put more milk it is going to make the gravy more thin. You need to find a new hobbie. You cannot direct cooking.

  4. Michelle says:

    Had a wonderful flavor and easy to make!!

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