Cilantro Pesto Pork Tenderloin

August 7, 2013





  1. Oh my gosh!! Lucky girl, I wish I would get an email from them!! I’m drooling over both the pork and the pan

  2. I got my first piece of Le Creuset this year and I am over the moon in love with the brand now! I will have to look into getting that grill pan! The pork looks fabulous!

  3. I love Le Creuset and am I lusting after that grill pan!

  4. Tieghan says:

    This looks great!! I love the cilantro in the pesto. My favorite!

  5. Le Creuset is a must in my home too…! What a beautiful dinner you made utilizing this new pan!

  6. Oh man, sometimes I wish we could have anniversary registries just to stock up on all the things we didn’t get from our weddings. Then I could get my mitts on a Le Creuset Dutch oven, for sure! This dish looks scrumptious!

  7. I think I might be the only blogger without a Le Creuset! Ha! But I love a good grill pan for sure! …and cilantro pesto rules, slather it on a pork tenderloin… fo-get-about-it! You’re a genius! 😉

  8. Nothing beats a LeCreuset! The pesto with the pork sounds really amazing!!

  9. I love Le Creuset. This pork looks so tasty.

  10. The peanuts sound awesome in the sauce! wow!

  11. Looks absolutely delicious! Pork Tenderoin can be boring. Going to try this!

  12. Le Creuset is still on my someday list but this pork needs to be on my now list. It sounds so delicious and healthy.

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