Caramel Macchiato Pancakes with Syrup

September 9, 2015





  1. Kristen

    September 9th, 2015 at 8:00 am

    Whoa – these look so good! Love the use of ID coffee creamer in recipes!

  2. Medha @ Whisk & Shout

    September 9th, 2015 at 11:40 am

    Yum! Two breakfast favorites in one!

  3. Kankana

    September 10th, 2015 at 6:27 am

    another lovely pancake recipe. We have a sunday pancake tradition so you know, am always looking for interesting ways to lift it up. This sounds lovely 🙂

  4. Liz @ The Lemon Bowl

    September 10th, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Girl. These are perfection!!!

  5. Nutmeg Nanny

    September 10th, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    I LOVE the caramel macchiato flavoring. It’s so delicious! I actually used it in a milkshake and I about fell head over heels in love. I have a feeling it would be slammin’ in these pancakes….yum!

  6. Jud Baufer

    September 24th, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    I’m a pancake lover, and I must confess that I have follen in love with these ones!!!

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