Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Sticks

January 17, 2017





  1. Sues says:

    Oooh I LOVE this idea for a healthier but still fun (and cheesy!) snack. Definitely pinning to make soon!

  2. DANG!! these look so flipping good friend! Also, I loved following along on your Disney trip!

  3. Lesa says:

    Looks awesome; I can’t wait to try it. What size pan did you use and how many servings does it make?

  4. Lisa says:

    Didn’t turn out as well as I thought. Maybe a little
    More salt? Also, next time I will not put in a baking sheet because it was soggy on the bottom.

  5. Debbie says:

    Instructions are confusing.
    Is the one egg to go with the vegetables or cheese?
    Or should it have two eggs in the ingredient list?

    • azestybite says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. For some reason, that portion had been copied twice in the recipe. It’s been fixed now.

  6. Anmita says:

    i like this reciepe what can put insteasd of egg my family is allergic to eggs can i put flex seed egg

  7. Pamela Horton says:

    I don’t have a blender, so I boiled the veg and then mashed with a masher and then a pastry cutter. I then removed excess water by squeezing veg in cheesecloth. I made this gluten-free by making a roux with butter and cornstarch. I sautéd garlic and the spices in the butter first. I added an extra egg and some Parmesan cheese.

  8. Kaitlyn says:

    I tried these out and they tasted delicious especially with the sauce! But it just fell apart 🙁 I wonder if I just didn’t let the veggies dry out long enough. Maybe more flour should be used?Any tips for holding the sticks together more? I also used a regular 9×11 because I didn’t have the exact baking dish in the recipe. I really like this idea but I don’t want it to crumble into mush! Any help would be awesome!

  9. Lee says:

    Mine fell apart too. I stirred it together rather than in blender. Don’t think that should make a difference, but maybe. Since proportions of broccoli and cauli could be slightly different every time, and we might not have the exact same-measurement pan, it would be helpful to know approximately how thick it should be when put in pan. Thanks for delicious recipe

  10. Rachelle says:

    I tried this recipe knowing past comments about it not holding together. I used a tad more flour and also cooked 10 mins longer prior to putting on cheese. They still required a fork. Good flavors just difficult to get in bread stick consistency.

    • Amy says:

      Okay…. Read all the posts. I not only wrung out the broccoli/cauliflower combo with paper towels until no liquid but also added grated parmesan cheese to mixture. A lot of it. Baked and broiled according to instructions. I don’t think the recipe needs to change, but I think you need to allow cooling way more than suggested. That seemed to solidify the mix. It won’t be a crispy stick but it will hold its own. I wonder, too, about pouring mixture into an oiled cast iron pan. Would that crisp and up batter better?

  11. Sara says:

    Followed all the directions but it did not turn out right. Not sure what I did wrong. Sad 🙁

  12. Zelda says:

    This sounds great, but I would wring the cauliflower and broccoli out like when you make cauliflower rice to a pulp. Will probably stick together better. Anyway will give it a try. Thanks looks like such a yummy recipe.

  13. shailini sisodia says:

    hi – blogger/author of “a zesty bite” – don’t know your name, sorry! So, just read the comments for your broccoli/cauli cheese sticks – seems like it didn’t work, for many?? I didn’t even want to try, since several people said they “wrung” the veggies out till no liquid left – uhh, that is also “wringing” out all the nutrients/vitamins/minerals – arghhh! I am a very popular cooking teacher in the boston area, so I know whereof I speak – okay thanks – just my two cents.

  14. Rahul Dubey says:

    Amazing! This is my one of the favourite veggies that I prefer adding to daily diet plan. And along with cheese this is going to taste soo yummy as also its looking delicious in the pic. Thanks for sharing this.

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