Stuffed red potatoes

June 2, 2014





  1. These look cheesy, creamy, salty good! I love the little potatoes – they are so versatile!

  2. Glad you could take a few moments for yourself! Keeps the sanity in check! Love these stuffed red potatoes friend!

  3. Sues says:

    I’m not even a huge potato person, but these look AWESOME. I can imagine just popping them in my mouth one after the other. Also, I definitely need to focus on stepping away from my computer and just relaxing with a book 🙂

  4. CakePants says:

    How adorable are these?! I love potatoes but unless I have a specific recipe in mind when I buy them, I tend to forget about them until they go bad. This looks like a super tasty and easy recipe – I’ll have to go get some red potatoes now!

  5. love these stuffed red potatoes!! and hello?! love the bacon too of course! happy to be here today with you all and Brenda and Better With Reds. . here’s to good summer eats! Cheers!

  6. What a fun potato recipe, love! I also enjoyed Bread and Wine…makes me realize how I need to host more gatherings. Life is just too short!

  7. Wow! I love potatoes and these look amazing!

  8. These are great little bites for summer, Meagan, love them!

  9. There’s nothing i Love more than a weekend without plans! (Well, okay, maybe these potatoes)

  10. Love these! The perfect little appetizer or side dish!

  11. I took Saturday afternoon to just relax & read too while Sophie napped, it was glorious! These potatoes look delicious! And your photos are absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  12. They look so cute! I love the bacon in it. It’s so great to just throw together a meal with ingredients you have on hand at home… 🙂 Perfect for a little barbecue! Thanks for sharing…

  13. What a wonderful weekend you had. Over Memorial Day I had no outside plans. It was indeed a luxury!!!! I am a major potato lover. Yes they are carbs. But they taste good and it takes so little to make me feel full. So I think this little dress up is well deserved.

  14. Love these potatoes! It’s always nice to unwind and unplug from life for a little while!

  15. I seriously LOVE red potatoes and stuffed red potatoes sounds delicious, will be making these SOON! 🙂

  16. Bread and wine is at the top of my must-read list for our trip! Now, if only I could hae a plate of these WITH my book!

  17. These are almost too adorable to eat! I love bite sized food!

  18. Potatoes, cheese, and bacon…pretty much perfection! Love that they are cute little bite sized portions!

  19. awww so glad you were able to relax and read!!!

    These potatoes are totally up my alley! Love that they’re stuffed with delicious, cheesy goodness!

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