M&M Blondies

March 22, 2013





  1. I’ve never made blondies either-lol! I always just figure I’d rather have a cookie or a brownie 😛 These look super good, though, and so pretty!

  2. I love blondies. These are a great treat, Meagan!

  3. These would be devoured within hours in our house. Yum. They look fantastic! Great recipe!

  4. M&M blondies are the best! Love that you added white chocolate!

  5. Blondies just aren’t as fun as brownies, unless you go and add stuff, which you did a great job of here. 🙂

    They look awesome! And browned butter?! Yup. They sound pretty much perfect.

  6. I had blondies for the first time a couple of months ago.. .and dare I say they’re better than brownies?? M&M’s are my weakness and putting them in blondies is s-m-a-r-t!

  7. Sues says:

    I love blondies (even more than brownies) and I love that you added a kick of chocolate in! Such a good idea!

  8. These blondies look SO good! I like them better than brownies. 🙂 And the M&Ms add a nice touch too! thank you for linking up to my M&M blondies!

  9. Oh good Lawwwwd, I need to get on these so very soon!! WOW!

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