Green Pork Chili Stew

February 3, 2011





  1. That looks very good and very easy adn perfect for this cold winter weather!

  2. Ooo – and to have that in the freezer maybe for leftovers!

  3. Wow this looks so tasty and hearty!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I love chili, love stew, love pork, love tomatilloes, this recipe is made for me! Giving it some buzz!

  5. The Mom Chef says:

    I just saw this recently and thought it looked fantastic. Now you’ve convinced me even more. Wow, that looks so good. Thanks for passing along a wonderful recipe.

  6. trailtotrain says:

    I swear you stole this idea right out my head! haha I’ve been thinking of making something very similar lately. I’ll have to give yours a shot

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