Cotija herb onion rings

May 9, 2014





  1. These are the perfect onion rings! Love the addition of the srirarha flavor. Can’t wait for Miami! Hope to see you there!

  2. Oh yum! These look so crispy and delicious. Definitely fun party food!

  3. These look insanely good. I love the addition of cotija cheese. Looking forward to Miami too.

  4. Oh my gosh! I can totally relate! Some days I want to give up on the blog, the workouts, the training, everything, just so that I can have some quiet time with my family and now need to be constantly updating. But, that’s what we do right? And we gotta find the balance — if you find it, let me know! These rings sound crazy good!!

  5. Yay! Date night sounds lovely 🙂

    and I’m currently obsessing over onion rings so these ones are def. speaking to me right now!

  6. julia says:

    I am a sucker for onion rings and these look so yummy!

  7. CakePants says:

    I only recently tried cotija for the first time, and I am hooked! I love that you incorporated it into these onion rings – yum!!

  8. I often get obsessed with the laptop and phone and forget about what’s going on around me, thanks for the reminder not to let it over take things. These onion rings look amazing, I never would have though to use cotija cheese with them, I love that cheese! Have a great time in Miami!

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