Cinnamon pumpkin ice cream and 4 other fall inspired recipes

October 22, 2014





  1. Sues says:

    Whoa, so much amazingness- I can’t decide what I love best…. I think I need one of those cinnamon rolls!

  2. Nutmeg+Nanny says:

    Yum! I love cinnamon and I of course love pumpkin 🙂

  3. So many great pumpkin recipes! Love the look of those cinnamon roll muffins!

  4. Mmmm….pumpkin ice cream!! Yes, please!

  5. ohhh that ice cream!! Yuummm — and all the pumpkin love… it’s perfect!!

  6. How fun!! I ice cream, and this is such a fun flavor!

  7. Pumpkin… ICE CREAM?! I’m in Heaven!

  8. Such a great flavour combination! Delicious!

  9. Cinnamon pumpkin ice cream?! OH MY GOODNESS. I’m obsessed. Also – your photos are gorgeous!

  10. Genius idea using pumpkin spice creamer! I love ice cream in cold weather…just another excuse to cuddle up in too many blankets 😉

  11. So many great recipes, but that cinnamon pumpkin ice cream looks beyond perfect. I am already obsessed with it. YUM!

  12. Nice assortment of recipes but loving the ice cream. I was considering it was time to put my maker in storage…maybe not quite yet now after all!

  13. Kim+Beaulieu says:

    I cannot stop staring at the photos. I want to lick my screen. But it’ll only disappoint me since it won’t taste like ice cream.

  14. Oh goodness those pumpkin rolls look divine!

  15. Yay for pumpkin!! These all look amazing!

  16. It’s unseasonably hot here today, and ice cream would be very much welcomed at this moment!

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