Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

January 23, 2017





  1. Scott Yates says:

    Meagan, I have another variation for you to try! Start out the same way but, what i do is buy a bag of the Oscar Meyer Bacon Pieces. I then hit the deli and ask for a slice of the Hormel 98% Fat Free Boiled Ham about 3/4 of an inch thick. Then i take that home and cube it. Then i get a small container of the tri colored mini sweet peppers, red, orange and yellow and seed and then julienne them. I use a pan or grill plate that has the raised grill sections in the bottom, coat well with olive oil and saute the items on this to get the charred marks. Start with the bacon pieces, ham cubes, sweet peppers julienned, a large diced sweet onion, minced garlic clove, generous pinch salt and pepper. Once softened, sauteed and charred with a little crunch left remove all to serving bowl and add 2 tbsp butter and another tablespoon olive oil to the skillet along with one tablespoon GYOZA brand (what i use) chili oil and turn heat up to medium high for about two minutes. Once sufficiently heated throw brussel sprout halves in with 1/2 cup chix stock and immediately cover to steam for four minutes, remove cover and continue to stir frequently until charred the way you prefer then immediately add to serving bowl with everything else previously cooked. Add 1/2 cup Shredded Parmesan and 1/4 Shredded Monterrey Jack. I buy blocks and shred myself, its so much better. Stir well and serve immediately, the chili oil just gives ’em a little kick of heat as an afterthought!,………………….AWESOME way to eat them, let me know what you think.

    • Scott Yates says:

      this is great as a side dish but a great low cal healthy choice over some rice as main dish too.

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  3. Sues says:

    I feel like most people’s transition into brussels sprouts loving starts with bacon. It’s just too delicious to resist!! These look great 🙂

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