Brie Queso {and Simply 7 Giveaway}

March 27, 2015





  1. Renata says:

    I would LOVE to try the Hummus chips in the classic Sea Salt flavor! This would be a delicious lunch side in lieu of potato chips. Thank you!

  2. Michele says:

    I would love to try the Sour Cream and Onion Quinoa chips. I generally stick to Sour Cream and Onion flavors whenever I buy chips. Your dip does sound intriguing–I love cheese. Of course I might have to get the lightly sea salted Quinoa chips for that!

  3. Kendi says:

    I would love to try the chips with the dip of course! My mouth is watering! Yum!

  4. Georgia says:

    The Quinoa Sour Cream & Onion is a favorite flavor in our family! These sound so wholesome and nutritious and I love your recipe!

  5. Kristen says:

    Oh my gosh – brie queso? This is amazing!!

  6. Crystal says:

    What an amazing snack! Those chips are calling to me!

  7. Liz Mays says:

    Those chips are the perfect thing to scoop up all of that goodness!

  8. Mary W says:

    What an easy delicious recipe. This was a snap to make and everyone gobbled it up. I added fresh from the garden chopped spring onions because my guys love them. Thanks for the great ideas!

  9. Jacque Cunningham says:

    I would love to try the quinoa chips! This queso sound interesting too. Thanks for all your great ideas Meagan!

  10. I love queso, but I never though to try it with brie. This looks delicious!

  11. Erin@WellPlated says:

    All of the chip flavor sound amazing, but I want the one that pairs best with this outrageous dip! Brie for life.

  12. Rhode Izaguirre says:

    I am starving right now and looking at these chips is making my mouth water.
    I would like to try all the different flavors, they all sound yummy. I think I will try the sea salt quinoa first, to taste them with the brie queso.

  13. Ray says:

    The Hummus Tomato Basil sounds super tasty to me. Thanks so much!

  14. David says:

    These seem very unique. I especially like the shape. Those would hold a ton of dip!!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Your Brie Queso looks so DELICIOUS! I’d love to dip some Quinoa Sour Cream & Onion Chips in it! Thanks for this chance 🙂

  16. jillian says:

    If these are at whole foods boulder we will be trying them…and meanwhile we will definitely be making the brie queso.

  17. Susan P. says:

    I would like the different varieties of Quinoa or Hummus chips. I bet they taste great!

  18. manda says:

    Hummus chips.

  19. Sara says:

    I would love to try these chips! They sound great. I love the Brie queso idea.

  20. Sheila says:

    Will positively try; I already have everything in my pantry & fridge. Thanks !

  21. Debra says:

    This looks flat out amazing! I love queso!

  22. juliana says:

    So is it ok that I can’t decide which one I’d like to try most? They all look great! As does the queso brie which is what brought me here in the first place!

  23. Aggie says:

    Oh I would definitely pick up a bag or two of these! (your queso dip looks pretty amazing too!!)

  24. I can not get over the deliciousness that is this queso dip. Those hummus chips sound amazing. Pinned.

  25. Sandra says:

    Hummus Sea Salt Chips

  26. those chips sounds great! and yay for girl night!

    and ohhhh heavens I adore brie-this queso looks irresistible!

  27. Ursula says:

    Hi, all the flavor seem good. I will love to try them

  28. I would love to try these chips. it tastes great.
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  29. Curio Centre says:

    I will Definitely Try this.
    Your writing is perfect!!!
    You gave me great joy!!!
    Howdy! I simply need to offer a gigantic go-ahead for the decent data you have here on this post. I can be returning again to your blog for extra soon.

  30. Nice Recipe. Loved it.
    Definitely worth a try.

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